From rustical farmer fair to rollercoaster beer festival – The Oktoberfest 1910 – 2014 with Junaio

A guestpost by Vanessa Oswald

It’s the time of the year again, when all of Munich is flooded by millions of people, streaming in from all over the world, to get a glimpse of the most famous public festival of all time: The Oktoberfest. With this new Junaio channel, however, you don’t even need to get off your sofa to experience the rich history of the Wies’n yourself!

In the scope of a joint semester workshop of LMU Munich and Metaio, Jens Fakesch and Maximilian Hackenschmied bundled their creativity and skills under the watchful eye of Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl, and created the ingenious Junaio channel Oktoberfest 1910. Among other things, it gives deep insights into the roots and history of the Wies’n – as native Bavarians call the Oktoberfest.

Breathing life into an old map


Scan the map to experience the Oktoberfest channel in Junaio

Ever wondered which one is the oldest festive tent or what the heck a Toboggan is? By scanning the map shown above, you are not only able to see a 3-D model of the historic festival area, but you can also get additional info and fun facts about each individual building by simply tapping on them. The developers used the Metaio Creator and Junaio platform to realize their brilliant vision of breathing life into an old map of the fair ground with amazing results.


Oktoberfest 1910 is planned to include another amazing featurein the future: For this one, you have to get outside and pay Oktoberfest a visit, though. Standing at the foot of the famous Bavaria statue, you will be able to scan the present Oktoberfest area (including a stunning view over Munich – for free) and receive an exact replica of what the landscape used to look like back in 1910. Past and present will collide forcefully and will leave you standing absolutely fascinated. Cool, huh? We think so, too!

140922_Instructions_02So, take a break from the hectic and crowded daily routine of 2014 and use Junaio to follow us to the year 1910! To access the channel and subsequently time travel 100 years into the past, simply scan this QR-Code or search for Oktoberfest 1910 in the Junaio Browser or even scan the map above.

Good Job, guys! You really deserve a beer now. Prost!

Experience Munich in 360°

However, if you want to explore the present-day Wies’n and are not able to visit Munich yourself, we have a special treat for you. We created a Junaio channel, which will allow you to follow our Metaio team to the Hofbräu Festzelt at Oktoberfest and experience the incredible atmosphere via 360° view. Simply scan the pictures below in Junaio and voilà! Have lots of fun – as much as we did when these pictures were taken!

Metaio Top

Scan the 360° image to meet the Metaio team on the Oktoberfest

Metaio Zoom

Scan the 360° image to meet the Metaio team on the Oktoberfest. Cheers!

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Featured Channel: Bologna Bus To Go by Yoomee Technologies


It’s not an easy thing to remember where all the bus stops, bus lines, and buses are located at a given time, in reference to you. If you can, major props to you! But for us normal folk, any aid is greatly appreciated. Maps and mobile devices help, but receiving live, visual information always works best.

I spy, with my little eye,  a bus. . . 300 meters away. . . behind a wall.

I spy, with my little eye, a bus. . . 300 meters away. . . behind a wall.

That’s where Yoomee Technologies comes in. Yoomee Technologies created a Junaio channel specifically for identifying bus stop locations and real-time route information in the city of Bologna. The channel “Bologna Bus To Go” does a great job of using geolocation Augmented Reality for the user and the local bus transportation system. It places several POIs around the user, displaying distance and direction for the various routes. If you get lost, or just need to find the right bus, “Bolgona Bus To Go” is a great channel to have on hand.

Awesome work, Yoomee Technologies! This is an incredibly useful channel on Junaio for anyone visiting Bologna. Now if we could only get a channel like this for San Francisco.


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Junaio – Now Available For A Moverio BT-200 Near You

moverio_junaioYesterday Metaio announced that Junaio became the first Augmented Reality browser to become available on the Moverio BT-200 Apps Market! By using the Moverio’s transparent display technology with Junaio Mirage edition, you can experience one of the purest forms of Augmented Reality.

As one of the most widely used Augmented Reality browsers in the world, Junaio brings a big audience to the Moverio platform. With the “see through” capabilities enabled, Junaio and the Moverio BT-200 make the perfect pair. As Mr. Atsunari Tsuda, General Manager of HMD Business Management Department, Epson, put it “Epson is excited to have one of the most popular AR browsers debut on the Moverio Apps Market. By onboarding the Junaio developer ecosystem, we are confident that the Moverio platform features some of the best and most innovate Augmented Reality content available today.”

For more information on the Epson Moverio BT-200, check out Epson’s website. For more information on Junaio and Junaio Mirage edition, check out Junaio’s website.

Read the official press release here.

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Featured Channel: Vergers de France by Transhuman Collective

Vergers de FranceKnown as a popular fragrance brand in Saudi Arabia, Alreef Zohoor partnered with developer team Transhuman Collective for one of their newest fragrance lines: Vergers de France. Inspired by Paris as the city of Love, the two companies worked together to create an augmented reality experience centered around the exotic blend of ingredients and iconic Paris architecture.

The channel features some well-crafted 3D modeling with very robust tracking and links to Alreef Zohoor’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and online store. Try out the channel here and watch the video below for a demonstration.

Well done Alreef Zohoor and Transhuman Collective! We can only imagine how incredible Vergers de France must be!

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Become a Beta tester for Junaio on Android

junaio-on-android-devicesBeginning today anybody can become a Junaio Beta tester – no legal papers necessary – and for free. We publicly publish Junaio Beta releases (for Android) on a regular basis within the beta tester group before the releases are submitted into the Google play store.

How can You Join?

Simply join our Junaio Google+ Group and as soon as you are accepted as member of group you can request access to the beta testing group here. Note: we recommend that the Google + account matches your Google Play account.

Why should every Junaio developer participate?

As a member of our group you get early access to all Junaio Beta releases and learn about new features, improvements and bug fixes in advance.
Use the chance to test your current projects with upcoming releases/features to avoid any surprises with the official release.

Help us improve the stability and robustness of upcoming releases by identifying bugs and errors as early as possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a Beta tester for Junaio!



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Introducing the Fabulous Frogs App: Splendid and Native

Anett Gläsel-Maslov:

Great Junaio project from Team Scarlet!



Originally posted on AR at Mimas:

What can children learn?
The development of the Fabulous Frogs App: Splendid and Native completes the second phase of the Mapping the Museum Project. Developed using Junaio this app is an interactive AR tool which is targeted at 7 – 11 years and maps to Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum in England and to the “responsible citizens” and “successful learners” capacities of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence: specifically the AR app helps to develop children’s capabilities to understand the environment and to use technology for learning independently. The app addresses the following learning objectives:

  • Species Information e.g. where the Splendid Leaf Frog lives – presented with a map of its geographical extent
  • Frog anatomy – using label overlay on the trigger image
  • Frog life cycle – interactive quiz comparing between the Splendid Leaf Frog and the native Common Frog

Other fun features

Due to the successful…

View original 335 more words

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Featured Channel: Aiguamolls Empordà – Mira què s’amaga by DaH!

app_arSoftware company DaH! developed a Junaio channel with La Copa for the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park in Catalonia. The channel uses geo-location to show relevant points of interest such as information points, ponds, observation points, sight views, and more.  Possibly the most incredible feature for the channel is its ability to help visitors spot locations where they can find rare animals that might otherwise be difficult to find using traditional Park guides.

Every point of interest contains relevant information comprised of images, video and/or text that the user can browse through.

The channel serves as a way for park visitors to get more information about the park and the range of wildlife that inhabit the area. Panels have been installed on pathways throughout the park with QR codes that link visitors to download instructions and the channel’s address.

For more information be sure to check out DaH!’s website, the channel’s website, and the video below. Don’t forget to try the channel with the QR code at the bottom of the article!

QR code

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