junaio opens its API to developers

junaio has opened its API to the developers’ community!! Starting today, developers can use the new interface to build their own applications that interact with the junaio platform.

Two important features that will be available with the API:

1) Ability for users to select multiple categories of information at once in a 360 degree live-view. Which means, as a user, you are able to select multiple sources of information, whether its Japanese restaurants, Manga stores, or Kabuki theatres all in one view. 

2) The API will allow the user to directly interact with the information. Which means, you can create interactive games that lets the users answer to your requests for information. For example, a dinosaur game could let users find an egg, click to open the egg, and follow resulting clues to help the baby dino find its parents, all out in the real world.

Other standard features of junaio will be available on the open API.  For API Specifications: http://www.junaio.com/index/cpapi

For more information, you can refer to the official press release: http://www.metaio.com/media-press/

Our API is still a work in progress, please send us your feedback and comments. support@metaio.com

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