And we’re back…Most Popular Scenes on junaio

Happy new year and hope all had a good break. As you know junaio version 1.5 launched in the App Store at the end of December with new social features like rating and commenting on others scenes. Here are the top 8 most popular scenes so far, can you beat that?

1) T-Rex right behind you, submitted by Stefan: 46 likes


2) Santa in Italy: submitted by fede; 17 likes

3) New way of Teeth Cleaning; submitted by shai_abramson; 13 likes

4) Reindeers in Germany; submitted by Frank, 9 likes

5) Battle of Mammoth vs. T-Rex; submitted by Hiasl, 8 likes

6) Santa on See-Saw; submitted by KGRANDJP, 8 likes

7) Mr. Eraser Man? submitted by fwebdev, 7 likes

8) Can a snowman be part of a Sun? submitted by Gazelle, 6 likes

Our users are indeed very created. Good work!

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