New Age of Classifieds: We are teaming up with eBay Classifieds!

Want to get an instant view of what’s on sale in your neighborhood? It’s easy! Just point your smartphone’s camera in any direction and discover all the fun and cool things to buy, conveniently laid over the camera’s view. Want more information? Simply click on any item and get the info you need: description, price and images. If the seller left their number, call them right away!
eBay Classifieds and junaio® have teamed up to provide you with an easy and intuitive way of discovering great bargains on classifieds using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. 

Check it out:

One thing you might be already wondering is privacy concerns around sharing locations. eBay Classifieds and our team take heart to these issues. One thing to note is every user of eBay Classifieds has the right to decide whether the details of his/her location are shared. Augmented reality is only used as another interface for this data, there is no additional data generated.

On a lighter note, we created a funny holiday video showing a possible transaction :) Check it out below!


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