Celebrity Nick Cannon and R&B Sensation Ray J Promotes Augmented Reality

Nick Cannon’s popular Teen Magazine Celebrity High launched their first augmented reality (AR) cover this week featuring R&B superstar and actor Ray J.  In case you live under a rock and don’t know who Nick Cannon is he is now recognized as being the husband of world renowned musician Mariah Carey!

In order to launch the experience users will have to download the junaio 2.5 mobile application for their iPhone 4, hold it up to the cover of the magazine and watch as video content of Ray J appears as overlayed content before their very eyes. In the overlaid video R&B megastar Ray J will explain why augmented reality is cool and ask his young viewers to look out for the additional mobile interactive experiences.

Nick Cannon, CEO of Celebrity High, is extremely excited to launch the AR experience. “I think it’s important that we expose young people to cutting edge technology so they can become excited about it and embrace it. Our magazine is all about educating, entertaining and empowering youth,” says Cannon.

Augmented Reality brings the real world together with virtual objects, and is widely seen as “the” game changing technology for almost every field in information design and visualization.

Get your copy today! @ http://www.celebrityhighmag.com/

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  1. Drive Angry says:

    that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

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