Mona Lisa Comes Alive!

On January 27th, 2011, Mona Lisa will come alive! Okay, you might think we are out of our minds, but just wait and “see”!

Amir Baradaran, a New York based visual and performance artist, will infiltrate the Louvre museum with the permanent installation of his 52-second video performance streaming live over the image of Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of Lisa Gherardini. Using Augmented Reality and junaio (of course), Mona Lisa comes to life, raising her hands to don a tricoleur hijab.

Amir Baradaran explains his motive in using AR in his art:

“I use AR in art making because it portends significant conceptual-experiential shifts, which relate to my interest in radical subjectivities. AR object tracking alters spatial understanding and relational fields while leaving the physical space untouched, presupposing a change in the choreography of the social. Further, it confounds current definitions of physical property ownership, rupturing the relationship between the ownership of a space and the agency of its alteration. This provides a platform for a new type of graffiti making as it defies our notions of sabotage, trespassing and vandalism. While museums are using this new technology for didactic purposes, they have yet to embrace it as installation art. I want to question this and problematize curatorial prerogative by bringing AR-as-art to the museum, exploiting museological fissures via the spatial possibilities AR tracking creates.”

Congrats to Amir for his work and thank you for pushing the boundaries of art.

And check out the funny teaser video:

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