Print Media: No time for Nostalgia – the Future is Digital

With the extraordinary rapid spread of smartphones, ever more marketing professionals are becoming aware of the great potential of mobile Augmented Reality for reaching out to their customers. This week HORIZONT, Germany’s well known periodical for marketing, advertising and media, dedicated an entire issue to the topic of digital advertising. An editorial comment by Olaf Kolbrück points out that digital advertising increased by 26% last year and for the first time actually surpassed print advertising.

Volkswagen Marketing Chief, Luca de Meo, explains his Vision

It is expected that mobile Augmented Reality will play an important part in this scenario. “Some may consider the Augmented Reality extension of print media as a gimmick”, says Mr. Kolbrück. “In reality mobile AR can provide a lot of added value. In this issue we would like to present what the technology has to offer.”


The lead article on page one is titled “The future is Digital” and explains how Luca de Meo, Marketing Director of Volkswagen AG, plans to exploit the potential of digital marketing. And to prove the point, smartphone users, with the help of junaio, can point at Mr. de Meo’s picture and then actually see a video interview with him explaining his vision.

Mr Kolbrück of HORIZONT has this to add: “The digital revolution teaches us one important thing. This is no time for nostalgia, rather a time for trying out new things. It’s not without significance that winning brands like Volkswagen and OTTO are the ones leading the way.”

The junaio augmentation in this week’s HORIZONT has been realised by our certified developer empea, specialist for augmented reality projects.

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