Nick Cannon: How to Get Teenagers’ Attention

What does it take to get teenagers’ attention for the things which matter to their everyday lives? Using traditional media such as magazines doesn’t always cut it. Today’s teens want more, and as they seem technically even more advanced than “digital natives”,  the latest in technology helps to get them excited and involved. After all, they are ultra-familiar with their iPhones, know how to create an application, even start a business in the high tech industry.

Nick Cannon, entertainer and celebrity as well as CEO of Celebrity High Magazine believes this to be the way to reach the young. “Technology encourages our young audience to become interested in the topics relevant today,” says Nick. “Augmented Reality is exciting and it’s engaging our youth and making a difference in how they view science and technology.”

Celebrity High Magazine is a local magazine created by teens and distributed to local high schools in the Los Angeles school district. The Magazine’s purpose is to maintain a dialogue in today’s teen society on relevant issues such as education, sports, entertainment, and politics. Since the January issue of the magazine, and using junaio as the mobile browser, pages and editorials have been augmented with digital content such as videos, photos, online editorials, and 3D visuals to enrich the experience of young readers.

The front cover of the Celebrity High January issue came alive with an exclusive interview by Ray J., musician and artist. The February cover features an exclusive video from Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. Sports editorials in the February issue were enhanced with videos explaining mindbloggling sports like Unicycling in detail. And funny editorial pieces, such as “The Top Ten Most Disgusting Foods” are graphically enhanced with cool 3D visuals.

Watch Nick Cannon present his concept in this video:

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