junaio 3D Tracking For the Win @ ISMAR

 We’re very pleased to announce that 3D tracking in junaio has been awarded first place at the renowned ISMAR annual Tracking Competition.

The International Symposium for Mixed and Augmented Reality is one of the foremost venues for the announcement and presentation of the latest research in Augmented Reality. In addition to presenting research on 3D Reconstruction and Gravity-Aligned Handheld Augmented Reality, metaio entered junaio in the annual Tracking Competition to debut, for the first time, mobile 3D tracking in a consumer application.

The ISMAR Tracking Competition has been running for four years now, with the intent of providing a fair, competitive environment in order to stimulate innovation and development. The 5 teams that participated were measured on the respective tracking systems for correctly recognizing and tracking a variety of objects at various difficulty levels- kind of like a computer vision obstacle course. The metaio team used the junaio framework with markerless 3D tracking and advanced sensor fusion with a combination of offline environment learning and online SLAM (simultaneous learning and map acquisition). Essentially, junaio is learning the real-world 3D environment in real-time so that it can track and distinguish specific objects. Here’s a video of the metaio junaio team in action:



We are very honored to have participated among other formidable research teams. From the photo in the gallery, you can see that junaio handled 10 out of 14 of the obstacles correctly to have the winning score of 12. We have worked very hard on ensuring that the tracking in junaio is the most advanced of its kind available on a consumer application, and from the results of the Competition we’ve proved it to the entire AR research community. Soon this technology will be available to our entire developer ecosystem- something that no other AR browser or mobile AR application or SDK can offer.

See below to see pictures from the event, and if you would like to learn more about the research we presented at ISMAR, see the press release and check out some of the articles covering it:

TechCrunch, “Metaio Adds Gravity to Their Augmented Reality Platform”

UberGizmo, “Metaio includes gravity in augmented reality platform”

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