Audi Q3 conquers the AR world with junaio

Certified Developer ARworks has developed a fantastic junaio channel to promote the new Audi Q3 SUV. The junaio channel is part of an integrated, multiplatform application that features both 3D interactive models of the exterior of the car and a 360 degree view of the interior. The 3D models of the new Audi Q3 are completely interactive- users can choose from different colors and even change the types of rims on the tires just by touching the appropriate section of the model. Users can activate the experience using this print ad that will appear in 10 European magazines. Just scan the QR code with junaio and the mobile content loads immediately. If you can read Hungarian, feel free to explore the app. Otherwise, make sure to follow the directions in this video below to access the AR content.

If you’d like to go straight to the 360 degree view, just scan the below QR code with junaio and the Audi Q3 channel launches immediately (it’s beautiful- you should definitely try this).

The AR portion of the app only makes up a small portion of the total content. In fact, non-AR capable mobile devices can access 80% of the content, including a photo gallery, video clips, interviews with designers, the chance to enter a prize giveaway and more.

Developers should not be obligated to develop entire applications solely based on AR- with the junaio Plugin, it’s very straightforward to integrate or add AR features to mobile applications to give it a unique, special touch. Even better, junaio and the junaio Plugin have more development possibilities than any other AR browser available.

Make sure to check out the links and media above to learn more about ARworks, the Audi Q3 experience, and the junaio Plugin.

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3 Responses to Audi Q3 conquers the AR world with junaio

  1. Rainer Lonau says:

    Great project and a very nice video! Good job ARWorks.

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