For The Weekend: It belongs in a Museum! [Video]

Art exhibits, television, rock festivals and even museums- junaio can be a great addition to any multimedia experience. This is a great project at the Kwantlen Polytechnic Institute in Vancouver, Canada where students created junaio channels as part of an interactive Art Festival.

Image courtesy of KPI's website

From their website:

Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlay of multimedia elements (video, images, 3D Digital imagery) over a camera view of the real world – it allows the viewer to see computer media as if it exists alongside real objects. Our Augmented Reality Festival presented the work of 14 students from the interactive Art And the Web class and a few other examples of AR. The show included images on the wall, magazines, framed art, and books that students enhanced with AR imagery visible with an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
Some projects in the show:  Student Roxanne Charles will show a framed a black and white photo of Chief Dan George that becomes an animated video. Roxanne Charles: “The video will contrast cultural in the city with the struggle of addiction that faces many aboriginal people in the downtown eastside. There will be a layering of sound that is competing with the words of Chief Dan George as it is becoming harder to hear the voice of our ancestors in an ever growing metropolis.”  Mark Stewart presented “Dissappearing CMYK” a copy of CMYK magazine “50” edition that erases itself when viewed in AR.

KPI put together a video demonstrating all of the individual projects- make sure to check it out to see all of the artisitc ways the students used junaio. Do you have a junaio project you’re working on? Tell us about it at, and who knows- you may see yourself up here sometime.

Have a good weekend, and we’ll see you Monday for Weekest Links!

(Download junaio 3.5)

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