Weekest Links 1/23-1/28

Augmented Clothing, Education, South Koreans, Awards and a Fireflower: just another Monday. 

The lovely Helen Papagiannis of @ARstories fame in her Augmented Dress

metaio / junaio recap:

Check out our side-by-side comparison of junaio 3.1 and junaio 3.5 running on the iPhone 4S.

CEO Dr. Thomas Alt in exclusive (but German) interview with Preview. [article]

I asked you a question. ANSWER ME! [question]

junaio is officially the 2nd Best Augmented Reality App of 2011. Congratulations to iOnRoad (great name) and Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner (hi Josh!), and thanks to everyone who voted for us! [standings]

From outside our ecosystem:

Virtual projection research project that turns your smartphone into a projector.

A great project from Eastern Kentucky University using AR to document and audit safety issues in large buildings like warehouses

Giant wacky crazy loony South Korean Theme Park invites you to dance around with Kinect and RFID based attractions.

Our pick from last week :  

Every once in a while, the virtual gets really, really real. Thanks to Freddie Wong for the continually entertaining yet disturbing visions of IRL.

That’s it for today people- stay tuned, as we will introduce you to the newest members of our developer ecosystem later this week.

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