junaio Drives Bargains With New Mobile Partners

Fun fact: when I was in High School “Hard Bargain” was the name of my car

Offers from over 200k retailers, brought to you by kaufDA & junaio

Today we announced three new European content partnerships for junaio: kaufDA, COUPIES, and barcoo, which in combination make junaio not only your mobile companion, but your personal shopping assistant too!

EMEA users can use junaio to look through their smartphones mobile deals and offers from over 200,000 retailers in their immediate surroundings, delivered straight to your Live View by kaufDA, “the star of location-based services in Germany”.

We're cuckoo for COUPIES with junaio.

Users can now check out all the coupons in their area with COUPIES, and redeem these discounts straight from their smartphones at checkout! COUPIES is the leading marketplace for mobile coupons in Germany, compiling both local and national coupons into a single and convenient mobile experience.

“The next steps for users are alternative ways of interaction  to the mobile internet such as voice recognition and augmented reality,” said Felix Schul, co-founder and CEO of COUPIES. “As an innovator in mobile marketing, it is natural to take up this form of representation for mobile couponing. Junaio is a great partner to realize Augmented Reality with Coupies: high reach, high-performance and international!”

In addition to these location-based services, we’ve added a partner to make scanning the world even better. Barcoo makes existing product information from items in your local grocery store easily accessible- even price comparisons – to improve and inform purchasing decisions.

” ‘Scan The World’ just became a more complete slogan and experience,” said  Benjamin Thym, Managing Director of barcoo’s operator, checkitmobile GmbH. “Now when a user scans a barcode, he or she will get the most comprehensive product information.”

Content from barcoo is available immediately- just use the SCAN function of junaio and you’re there. European users should feel free to launch the kaufDA and COUPIES channels and discover what kind of deals await just around the corner.

Don’t worry, Americans, we have plenty of content to keep you satisfied  anyway.

And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, either!

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