junaio 4.0 is now pARt of your world

I wanna be where the people AR. 

Since we released junaio 3.0 a little over a year ago, we’ve been working day and night to improve the technology and make the user experience as intuitive and seamless as possible. With version 4.0 of junaio, it’s the best it’s ever been.

In the past, AR browsers (even junaio!) have been somewhat difficult to use. junaio has always had the most features and possibilities for users and developers, but lacked a clear and easy-to-use structure. With over 5000 active content channels and more than twice that amount of developers uploading content to junaio every day, we needed an app that almost any new user could approach without difficulty or confusion.

We’ve outdone ourselves with 4.0. This is the most accessible and advanced mobile augmented reality browser that anyone has ever seen. All of the amazing things that junaio can do- location-based experiences, QR code scanning, indoor navigation, overlaying 3-D and digital content onto everyday images and objects- and we put them into 3 convenient screens:

The three screens of junaio 4.0

When you launch junaio, no more black button screen. No more labyrinthine steps. You’re in the camera view immediately, experiencing a predetermined selection of location based content relevant to your surroundings- welcome to junaio Home. Every time you select a channel, it will take you back to this center screen.

To the left, you have the Search screen, full of new and popular content around you from services like Instagram, Social Deals Map, Valpak, Foursquare Eventbrite and Wikipedia. You can still search for individual channels, track your usage with the “History” menu and add your most-used channels to your Favorites.

To the right, you have the Scan view. Scan QR codes or use visual search on AR images to discover 3-D and digital content in the everyday world. QR codes will scan immediately, and you need only select the Camera button to activate the visual search engine which will take you directly to the experience without any additional screens. Don’t worry- you can still get channel information from the channel icon at the top left, and if it’s a location-based channel you’ll still be able to view the Point of interest in Live, List, or Map View.

At any time, you can select the junaio logo drop-down menu in the center of every screen to access a live tutorial, sign in as a user or developer, or learn more about the company.

Access the interactive junaio tutorial at any point from the drop down menu

The new junaio API (still open, still free, still awesome) has been updated to include HTML5 and JavaScript. That means you can develop more sophisticated interactions, new GUI elements, and even games- all within junaio’s convenient cloud-based content delivery system.

Update or download the newest version of junaio and try it out today! It’s already available for iOS, but Android should be ready in the next days! And unlike any other AR browser out there, we now have a native iPad version.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback, questions, and concerns at Developer [at] junaio [dot] com.

And make sure to “Like” us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to this blog to get all the latest news on this amazing, free application.

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