IKEA Awarded Best Augmented Reality App of 2012

You love Junaio, you really love Junaio! 

The highly prestigious Annual Augmented Planet Reader’s Choice Awards are the year’s most anticipated Augmented Reality awards. Led by Augmented Planet, the most widely read non-commercial AR blog on the internet, they consolidated their various nominations into four important categories this year:

  • Best AR Browser
  • Best AR Developer Tool
  • Best AR Marketing Campaign or Viral
  • Best AR Application

After being nominated for all of them(!!), Junaio and Metaio placed in the top three of the first three categories. Edging out Blippar, we placed 2nd for Best Augmented Reality Browser, as well as narrowly beating Layar & Layar Creator for the 2nd spot in the Best AR Developer Tool for the Metaio Augmented Reality SDK & Junaio Augmented Reality browser platforms. 

But most importantly, we won a very-well deserved FIRST PLACE with the IKEA Catalog app for the Best AR Marketing Viral Campaign of 2012!!

Thanks again to Augmented Planet and their readers, with special applause for the Junaio team and McCann Erickson for leading the development and design of the app.

Check out the links above for more information- remember, a successful AR application needs great technology to power it. Metaio and Junaio have benchmarked, award-winning computer vision technology at your disposal, completely without charge for development or deployment.

We’re proud of our developer and partner network, and we will never fail to give them credit for the amazing things they do. Just another great reason to be part of the Metaio & Junaio ecosystem. To learn more, check out some of our software or download Junaio and start developing today.

[And if anyone is curious or was born under a rock somewhere, here’s the clip containing the above screenshot]

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