London Bus Live Merges Open Data with Junaio Augmented Reality

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Hey, do you remember how Junaio is totally awesome at inputting big, dynamic API’s? We do. And so did WT Infotech, one of our Certified Developers, when they developed this very cool project using the open data that the United Kingdom freely offers to its citizens.

As you can see from the screenshots above, the “London Bus Live” Junaio channel offers both the ability to locate and navigate to nearby bus stops (within 250 feet) as well as getting real-time information on specific buses and travel times! From WT Infotech:

London being a huge city and with thousands of tourists/business travelers visiting the city every year, the problem of finding bus stops around you could be a challenge (even while looking into the 2D maps). We aim to create value for the community by addressing this challenge in London’s public transportation, by introducing “London Bus Live”.

Are you a resident of London who owns an Android or iOS device? Just download and launch Junaio from your local application marketplace (or just go here) and then in the Search screen search for “London Bus Live”. Or just scan the QR code below in the AR scan screen (it’s really that easy). Also, we’ve made it even easier by featuring the channel in the London area, so it should appear right on your home screen.

For more information, check out the following resources. Congratulations and great work to WT Infotech! We look forward to seeing your future projects.

WT Infotech Blog post

WT Infotech Facebook Page (with lots of photos) 

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