Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more a part of academic life. In this post we want to show you different AR cases in education, and want to encourage you to use them as examples to make your own ideas come true. 

1. Aumentame 2013

In the end of April, in Valencia (Spain), took place the Aumentame: the annual assembly where augmented reality ideas, experiences, projects and developments, in Education, are discussed. The venue itself, the Polytechnical City of Innovation, was rightfully chosen to accommodate and bring together professionals with education and augmented reality backgrounds.


Mariano Alcañiz from LabHuman on stage

Remarkable augmented reality projects were demonstrated throughout the day, with participants given the ability to participate in the workshops showcasing such technology in education. Organized by LabHuman and Espiral, an education and technology non-profit association, which offers an online platform for teachers and research of all educational levels with a passion for information technology to meet.

2. Brutus guides you through the Ohio State’s Campus

The application Brutus, created by Brad Henry, helps students explore the Ohio State Campus through their mobile Android devices. Named after the school’s mascot, Brutus Buckeye, the augmented reality application cleverly uses voice recognition, geolocation, artificial intelligence as well as intelligent tutoring systems to provide the service to the campus community. In addition, after having explored the campus, the developers added a game function to the app which lets you scan your surroundings in order to find the hiding mascot: Brutus! Under the supervision of Brad Henry, the metaio software based application was developed with the help of 4 computer science student.

(More information on this fascinating project in the coming days.)

3. Augsburg augments student’s life

The University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg (Germany) provides its students with seminars and workshops aimed at providing them with tools and knowledge to develop Augmented Reality. metaio prepared a workshop for students with the fictional case of augmenting an art exhibition virtually.  Presented as an AR-game, students were asked to prepare a visual puzzle game, where scanned prepared a picture puzzle with the Metaio Creator, which were then displayed in gallery and museum exhibitions. Afterwards, visitors who scanned the picture were presented with the   . Now, the user tries to find all differences to the original and if he/she was successful he gets a picture snippet as a reward. Eventually, all picture snippets result in a whole new picture, which is, for example, not in the exhibition. To find out more about the technical details, please visit the website of this project:  AR-Workshop with Metaio.

The App is using Junaio Browser

The App is using Junaio Browser

The AR-Tray was another great project of students, who wanted to augment the Mensa Menue of their university. They prepared two different scenarios: 1st one reflects Mensa guests waiting in a queue with already a tray in their hands. To shorten the waiting time, they could scan the logo of the student union on the tray and the today’s choice of dishes appears on their mobile devices. After lunch the 2nd scenario could be possible: students are interested to know what will be on the menue in the next days. Opening the Junaio-app and scanning the logo again will bring the answer. The students created their junaio channel and already had ideas how to improve their idea: For the future they want to show pictures of the dishes already as 3D models and offer an interactive interface with additional information and the function to comment directly on the menue.

Scan the QR Code and discover the AR-Tray channel by yourself

Scan the QR Code and discover the AR-Tray channel by yourself

Another group of students in Augsburg worked on augmented DVD and Blue Ray covers: Costumers standing in shops usually have to read the short texts on the backside of the casings to find out more about the plot of a movie. The students want to provide movie trailers via Augmented Reality. In the Junaio channel “German DVD & Blue Ray Trailers Top 200” they could scan the cover of a movie and are directly linked to the YouTube-trailer. To get more technical details, please, follow here

Technical construction of the Junaio channel

Technical construction of the Junaio channel

4. Science Festival Belgrade 

The Science Festival in Belgrade attracts an international crowd of visitors and exhibitors with interests mainly in education and entertainment. The event aims to make science more accessible to everyone. Using image and face-tracking, LiveViewStudio showcased an interactive “giant book” where standard school subjects such as history, geography, biology and science could be enhanced throught augmented reality. Each page of the book came alive with different interactive scenarios, an added twist made possible with this technology. The experience left children bewildered and amazed. watch the video here. Find the use case and all information here.

Children watching an interactive installation

Children watching an interactive installation

The stories above show only a few cases what is possible with a fascinating technology such as Augmented Reality is. We would be happy to get more examples from our readers. Feel free to comment on this article and send us links to (your own) recommendable AR projects used in the field of education.

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  1. In addition to this inspiration, I saw today a new implementation of Augmented Reality combined with another fascinating technology: 3D printing. With AR you can see what you are making before it’s made. (source:

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