Junaio Channel ‘Penguin Navi’ wins Silver at Cannes Lions Festival

Congratulations to the developers from HAKUHODO Tokyo/doAR, who created the Japanese augmented reality experience Penguin Navi, winning the Silver Medal at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – one of the most prestigious marketing awards in the world. Our colleague Amanda Le was visiting Japan at the time of the release and told us that people were going crazy over the latest AR experience for the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo.

But let’s start from the beginning: For more than 35 years the Sunshine Aquarium has brought joy and entertainment to generations of families. But a huge metropolis like Tokyo is full of distractions, and it seems as though visitors to the city and even residents were having trouble finding the Aquarium.

Penguin Navi

The idea was to catch people’s attention and to show them how to get there. HAKUHODO Tokyo/doAR designed an augmented reality GPS system with Junaio featuring penguins that lead the way to the aquarium. The penguins walk and move exactly like real penguins. It was the first motion captured technology applied to penguins. Humans are naturally enchanted by cute animals. With this application visitors with mobile phones have only to do one thing: follow the penguins! They lead straight to the Aquarium. It’s so entertaining that all other distractions go unnoticed.

HAKUHODO Tokyo reports that the result was: “Attendance at the Sunshine Aquarium increased 152% over the previous month despite no change in exhibition content. People who downloaded the App spent on average more than 9 minutes at a time playing with it. More than 32% of users opened the app more than 7 times and 93% of users planned to recommend it to friends/families. Penguins brought not only people to the Aquarium, they also brought smiles.”

Penguin Navi_2 Congratulations to HAKUHODO Tokyo/doAR for this really great AR experience! Incredible idea and awesome work! P.S.: During our stay in Tokyo we had the chance to meet the developers from doAR. They demonstrated the award winning Penguin Navi to us and we were so excited. It really works!! Thanks for this very incredible experience to doAR!!

Penguin_Navi_18 Penguin_Navi_16Penguin_Navi_6 Penguin_Navi_5 Penguin_Navi_4


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12 Responses to Junaio Channel ‘Penguin Navi’ wins Silver at Cannes Lions Festival

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  4. Hi Anett,
    Thanks for sharing. I have been following this from the very start and I have even made some smal test on printed paper with Metaio. I am a 3D artist + have a business education, which is a strange combination, but I know, that AR will grow – maybe the most growing thing the comming years. I would like to work with Metaio – and you may need a “hooked representative” in the Scandinavian area.

    Why not give me a call or send me a mail. I do have contact to all the big companies in the Scandinavian area.

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  6. Trak says:

    Reblogged this on Augmented Reality Blog and commented:

    Very happy to announce that the Penguin Navi channel has also won the best Junaio channel in the first ever Metaio International Developer Competition. As part of the grand prize, the developer will get to present this incredible award-winning augmented reality experience on stage at InsideAR 2013, Metaio’s annual AR conference. It’s not too late to register- book your ticket today and don’t miss one minute of this exciting content!

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