Tamaris uses Junaio to Promote their New Winter Collection

Girls, get ready for your new boots! 

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Shoe manufacturer Tamaris recently started a campaign for their boots winter collection 2013/14 in Germany. The advertisments will be published in several glossy magazines including Glamour, Gala, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Brigitte, until end of November. Junaio Certified Developer  AVK Terwey developed a Junaio channel for Tamaris to used augmented reality for an enhanced reader experience.

“As one of the most famous and likable brands in Germany, the ease of use for customers is the most important thing to Tarmaris. The aim of using this AR medium is to offer customers the opportunity to step into direct contact with the Tamaris product world and to experience the products live.”

Bernd Wild, Head of Marketing at Tamaris.  

Berenice Terwey from AVK Terwey spoke in an interview with us about the project:

Berenice_TerweyWhat was the main target of the Tamaris campaign?

Berenice Terwey: “The aim of our Junaio channel “Tamaris Winter Collection 2013/14 ” is to use Augmented Reality as a sales-promotion medium. Compared to traditional media, AR creates the opportunity for the user to communicate directly with the Tamaris brand and its products in a more efficient and sustainable way.”

What were the main challenges with the Tamaris campaign for you? 

Berenice Terwey: “Like so often we started this project without any briefing from the customer and were able to bring in all our experience and strengths in marketing design, content development, design and implementation. To meet the high demands of the customer, our attention was especially on a seriously considered marketing plan for digital brand communication, the implementation of 3-D-models with realistic-looking animations and textures, the UI design or layout of the CI of the brand, and last but not least the implementation of the channel itself – which takes into account all possible scenarios of channel application.

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For example, targeting and control of the 3D content persists even if the ads (used as tracking markers) are obscured by things such as intervening passengers or vehicles. In addition, the augmented reality experience can be triggered from a wide range of viewing angles; for example, the wall-mounted print posters are viewed from a different angle to traditional print, yet the tracking is still reliable in both poster and magazine formats.”

Why did you choose Junaio as an augmented reality browser for this experience? 

Berenice Terwey: “The sophisticated technology of the AR browser Junaio allows us to achieve an optimum look and feel of the channel and thus an optimal user experience.”

Design, UI design / layout, implementation: AVK Terwey
3D Models : Henning Kleist

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