Nitro Snowboards Promotes Outerwear with Augmented Reality Campaign

This is a fun use of Augmented Reality to spice up a marketing campaign and give a promotional contest a viral boost!

The winter sport season is far from over. Snowboard and outdoor gear manufacturer Nitro Snowboard Co. has started a new Augmented Reality campaign, executed by Treffpunkt Idee, a Junaio Certified Developer, for its latest line of outerwear. The campaign is designed to entice customers into stores to unlock the augmented experience and enter a contest to win a helicopter ride.

The augmented experience is two-fold. For the first experience, a large display in stores can be scanned with Junaio and suddenly the user has the feeling of being inside a helicopter flying over the Alps.

inside a helicopter

nitro-pos-pic The view from inside the Nitro helicopter

The second experience is triggered by the hang tags on the Nitro Outerwear Apparel – by scanning the tag with Junaio, the hang tag literally opens for the customer, revealing a 3-D animation with a narrator who explains the contest, all while a helicopter circles him.

nitro hang tagTake a look at this video to get a feel for the experience.

For more information about the Nitro campaign and Treffpunkt Idee, contact Torsten Biermann

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2 Responses to Nitro Snowboards Promotes Outerwear with Augmented Reality Campaign

  1. Rainer Lonau says:

    This looks very cool. Saw the video before on Facebook.
    I must try out the first part with the helicopter flight. But therefore I need “the bubble from the shop”. Is there an image online somewhere? Thanks

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