Augmented 3-D Adventure with Nimlok

Junaio’s broad application base always leads us to some interesting places. Take nimlok for example. Nimlok is a company that designs and builds custom trade show displays. For them it’s not a question of whether or not they can deliver an incredible exhibit (trust me, they can produce some amazing things), rather it’s a question of how they can show their designs without having to throw together an exhibition.  They have the 3-D models and the talent, and what better way to show that than with augmented reality and Junaio?

Nimlok’s latest brochure is augmented with several Junaio channels to help you explore featured exhibits accompanied with short videos to further divulge their creative process. In spirit of their new campaign, nimlok has also included a small contest accessible solely through their Junaio content. All you have to do is find Nimmy: an inspiring experience that (along with a recent film release) has inspired me to tell you this story. . . .

Today was supposed to be a day like all the others. Wake up and go to work. That was the routine. But lo and behold, once I arrived at my station a message awaited me. . . .

Who was this character, Nimmy? Was he lost? Was he hiding? Is he a lost comrade from ages past? I had to know. So I gathered a group of adventurers – a fellowship of nearly two dozen friends, heroes and monsters –  and we ventured forth into the wild unknown. A seasoned bunch we were, but no quest matched what lay before us. . . .

The first few leagues of the journey were merry as we traveled through the Forests of Nruteron. We told tales of creatures and legends beyond our imagination and shared in the wealth of ample provisions. The mead was sweet and our bellies were full. We sang songs of deeds and triumphs of our companions to keep our pace light and merry. It was within our finest hour of Taking the Hobbits to Isengard that we saw The First. It loomed over the horizon and towered over us like the Pillars of Creation. As we approached we marveled at its architecture – breathtaking arcs and columns that must have been casted by the divine with colors our eyes have never since witnessed – and we stood for hours, nay, days enchanted by it. . . .

I was almost taken by its beauty, but the call of the quest aroused my senses out of the enchantment. Nimmy needed us. I went to awake my colleagues; several answered the call but some . . . some would not wake. To my everlasting shame, we left them. Our journey had taken its first victims, and they would not be the last. . . .

The next few days were devoid of the same wonder we had before. We had lost some brave souls, but our quest, like many others, needed hardships. I called out to my companions: “what would Gimli do? What would Frodo do? We must push onward!” I could see the resolve set in their eyes. Nods and cheers followed.  We marched diligently for nah less than hour when we saw The Next. Whereas The First shadowed us with its majesty, The Next stretched to beyond the ends of the horizon with Mount Soucifero erupting behind it. The walls looked to have been constructed by the purest white of snow and glistened bright enough to blind even the most enlightened monk. There was the faintest, most beautiful humming that surrounded us as we entered; the colors of lime and purple weaved around us with poetic grace. With beauty such as this, why would we leave? What sense did we have?

Years seemed to pass as we wandered through those marbled caverns. Finally I spotted our freedom – the smallest slit between the walls that led through the mountain where the darkness swallowed the light. I gathered who I could but as we struggled forward I counted our two dozen to be nay half that. . . .

We were beset with sorrow and melancholy when we dragged ourselves through the mountain corridor. Jests were no longer sanguine but instead laced with gripe and bitterness – our hearts filled with the same darkness that surrounded us. As one vex forced another weapons were drawn and thumbs were bit. I did my best to calm the group, but to no avail. Just before blood could be drawn a small light appeared. An illusion perhaps? But we cared not. We charged for it fearing it may disappear. Light engulfed us and we found ourselves in the Valley of Death with The Last standing before us.

Compared to the others, The Last was humblest in appearance. Delicate as a flower to the eye, but sturdier than the tallest of mountains with curves and angles that spoke of ancient artisanship and augmented beauty wherever the light was blessed to touch its surface. The architects must have been blessed with genius . . . or mad with it 

We fell to our knees in awe. Tears flooded our eyes and stained the ground before The Last. All wanted to stay. I was so tempted, but I could here Nimmy calling. I strained to get to my feet. “We must press on!” I called. They cried out, “Nay! What greater treasure could there be?” “You are a fool! Our quest ends here at this majestic creation!” “We have no need to search any longer, our purpose is here!” Their calls ached and tore at my heart. Was I mad to think that there was more to this quest? How could I put so much faith in a person I had met not before? 

A lesser man may have been lost that day. But I had ventured this far, I could not stop now. “I depart now. Who is with me?” Only three of my most steadfast friends joined me; their desire to stay clear as the uncertainty in their strides. We left The Last, but before it was past our sight one friend halted and turned back. We dared not acknowledge his decision for fear we might join him for even the bravest man has a shadow that endlessly follows him.

We were withered down to skin and bones as we last three crossed the desert. There was nothing but dust and sand to fill our eyes; even the sky seemed covered by it. There was nay a thing we could do before we fell. I could not but even crawl, my body ached so.

And just as I had given up hope, He appeared, as if He had descended from the sky. I could nay tell if it were the sun or His Presence that blinded me, but he appeared before us like a being from an untold epic. “You found me!” He said.

We were lifted. All our weakness and agony was evaporating slowly. He led us through the desert in moments and brought us to a field of riches surrounding a small town. They welcomed us with food and celebration aplenty. We danced and drank and ate for days into weeks into months. We retold the story and all were lost in wonder and fear for what we had seen. However, we had nay seen our host sense we had been welcomed into the town. One night I found him – the last I ever saw of him – and I bowed before him. “Truly, I and my companions are indebted to you. We heard you needed to be found so we came with the utmost swiftness. I reflect now that I could be never more grateful for the journey we survived, but if I may ask, why was there a posting that stated you needed to be found?” He looked at me for the last time and I was blessed with the most genuine of smiles I have seen in all my days. “Nay my young friend. I did not need to be found. What instead needed to be found, was yourself. And that you now have done.”

Phew, that was fun. While my journey through nimlok’s new brochure may have been a tad overdramatized, do take the time to check out their Junaio channel to see all of their cool content and exhibits. And no, that is not where you can find Nimmy.

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Junaio featured on US TV Channel 6abc: “6abc Virtual View”


Local US TV channel 6abc Philadelphia and the Franklin Institue had a special surprise for their audience on Thanksgiving Day last week: After downloading the 6abc news application, users could open the section “Events” to be forwarded to the 6abc Virtual View channel in Junaio. Whilst watching the Thanksgiving Parade on TV (mobile devices at the ready), viewers simply had to scan the 6abc Virtual View logo whenever it appeared on the screen. 6abc then offered some sneak peeks in the days leading up to the holiday parade through a specially-developed Junaio experience.

“6abc is constantly pushing forward with advanced thinking,” 6abc President & General Manager, Bernie Prazenica stated. ”This is a very ambitious effort.  We are excited to give the Philadelphia television audience the first look at this two-screen experience.  This sensory integration will further cast 6abc to the future and will widen eyes in the process.”

Watch more on the 6abc website.

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SCARLET: Interactive learning for kids and students with Augmented Reality

Mimas is an organisation working at the University of Manchester doing research into the implementation of Augmented Reality in teaching. In their history of the ” SCARLET” project they have developed several useful AR projects for children and students, which unlocked further great potential for the effective use of AR in education and research.

Matthew Ramirez, Junaio Certified Developer, discussed at InsideAR the main benefits of Augmented Reality for education: for example, giving extra information to printed material, providing interactive discourse in class, and the use of blended learning methodologies. Overall feedback of the AR experiences used by the students was very positive.

Watch Matthew’s speech at InsideAR for yourself:

The latest Mimas project: Rylands Gallery augmented

Five Year 6 pupils from Oswald Primary School have been chosen to guest curate one of the themes in the Rylands Gallery: the Faith Case exhibit. Whilst providing items and interpretation peers can relate to, the pupils will also be learning about the different roles and processes involved in exhibiting items.

The idea behind the project was to use the Junaio Augmented Reality Browser to bring display cases to life. Primary school children could become curators for a regional exhibition as their videos are shown in the exhibition channel within Junaio. The project provides a layer of interpretation through Augmented Reality, allowing visitors to uncover more information and providing additional activities on their mobile devices. It is a collaboration between Education and Learning at The John Rylands Library and the Mimas organization.

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Junaio, Cars, Cars, and More Cars

But seriously, a lot of cars.

So far 2013 has been a very exciting year for Junaio so we’ve decided to gather a few awesome examples of creative Junaio channels. Today we’re highlighting a few (and by a few I mean a lot) Junaio experiences with some of your favorite cars.

BMW emotion Magazine Summer/Fall 2013

Borrowed from the Fall edition.

Earlier this year BMW teamed up with  heller & partner communication GmbH to publish the summer issue 2013 of the BMW emotion magazine. The magazine featured several pages of augmented reality material for BMW’s Junaio channel. BMW’s debut with Augmented Reality was so successful they featured it in their Fall 2013 issue and will continue developing AR content in the future. 


The Audi R8 receives some special treatment with a personalized augmented reality experience that spans over 80 pages of printed content. This channel features interactive models, animations, interior views and more all at your fingertips. Check it out here and watch the video below for a demonstration.


My photobombing senses are tingling. . . .

A Junaio channel developed by Concepteers GmbH allows you to experience a 3-D model of the Audi A3. You’re free to modify the car’s body and wheels using a configuration dashboard where you can also interact with Audi’s services and advertisements to showcase all the features built into the Audi A3. Check it out here.

Za rulem

За рулем (Za rulem), a car magazine in Russia, started their first Augmented Reality issue in January. Since then they’ve added more and more AR content for their all-Russian readership. Read our previous post for more information.

Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class received a nice boost in Russia when this Juanio channel was released. It features catalogues, links to advertisements and informational videos all on the Mercedes E-Class. I present to you a demonstration.

BMW 360° Interior

Ever wanted to check out the inside of a BMW from the comfort of your living room? This channel comes straight from Taiwan and features a full 360° interior view complete with honking action. The modeling of the interior is incredibly impressive, unfortunately the actual model remains a mystery even to us (will update when we know!). Watch the video for the whole inside scoop.

I live my life a quarter mile at a time.

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Bullseye – When Augmented Reality Meets the Frontier

We’ve seen Junaio take on ferocious penguins in Japan, bring to life Harry Potter-like newspapers and library material in Manchester, and it even snuck its way into the recent Apple keynote (which is pretty awesome), but now we’re off to the American frontier with Bullseye from Moose Utility Division.

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really ridiculously good looking?

Moose Utility Division, the industry leader in ATV and UTV parts and accessories, has just released Bullseye, an augmented reality channel on Junaio that links Moose Utility Division’s marketing tools and brand information with posters and other print media to provide a more immersive experience with your ATV or UTV.

Me, me, pick me!

Moose plans on releasing more and more content for Bullseye as they continue creating new products and catalogs. To see what they have now simply download Junaio on Google Play or iTunes, power the app, find images with the Bullseye logo, scan and BAM! watch the adventure unfold. Be sure to try it out on the images above and below or check out the demo here.

Prepare for the fight scene!

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Jody McFarlen about Augmented Reality

Anett Gläsel-Maslov:

World Wise Interactive is a project created for the Discovery Center of Springfield by Jody McFarlen and Mike Owens. This project aimed to enhance the museum’s existing cultural exhibit, World Wise.

In her blog post she talks about Augmented Reality and her project.


World Wise Interactive from Jody McFarlen on Vimeo.

Originally posted on Jody McFarlen:

Tonight I spoke about Augmented Reality (AR) at the UXSOMO meetup (User Experience group in SW Missouri). Here’s a summary of my talk, plus many videos and links for your enjoyment! (Scroll to the bottom for links & videos!)

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that brings content into digital space using your device’s camera and image recognition. It allows for an enhanced visual experience of your real world environment by layering digital content above it.

Virtual environments have always fascinated humans. As technology has grown exponentially over the past years, this has affected gaming (from the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy to Kinect, Wii, and more), movies (3D effects), etc. Humans love the immersive experience of being brought into a new environment. Now we have Google Glass which is pushing us even further.

My Experience With AR

I became interested in AR after studying abroad in London…

View original 1,050 more words

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Augmented Reality Meets Genius Inventors and Animation

So much for a museum. 

Since their unveiling two winners of the 2013 Metaio Developer Competition have been featured: Clandestine: Anomaly and Penguin Navi. But now it’s time for A Work of ARt with Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mechanisms and Got HeARt with Animar!

Da Vinci who?

I didn’t know you could fly a plane.
Fly, yes. Land, no.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mechanism is a Junaio channel that merges some of Da Vinci’s most famous inventions with augmented reality. Developed by artist and architect Alexey Chebykin of Kaliningrad, Russia,  Da Vinci consists of two parts:  “Leonardo’s Mashine” and “The Da Vinci Code“ each of which provides a unique perspective on the genius inventor. “Leonardo’s Mashine” allows you to view 3-D models of Da Vinci’s helicopter, self supporting bridge, and flying machine. Each model is brought to life with brief animations to show their function.

Taken after we solved it. Promise!

“The Da Vinici Code” displays an interactive memory puzzle game for you to solve. We won’t give away too much, but once you solve it you’re presented with an AR reimagining of the “Vitruvian Man.”

Short Animations Made Easy

Ours came complete with a happy face.

Animar is an app for Andoid designed built on the Metaio SDK by Rafael Roberto of Brazil to help artists create storyboards and animations. Using a specific paper design, Animar mimics small clips of your drawing and produces an overlay onto the next frame. These clips then work much like onionskin paper and allow the artist to trace over any part of the previous drawing as they see fit.

That is not some poor writer’s excuse for a fallen safe . . . look a plane!

You begin your animation on a sheet of paper with divided grids. The upper left panel is the initial image and you press “Create the onionskin” icon and tap on the panel on your device to copy the first image. The image is then virtually copied and placed on the next panel of your choosing. You are then free to trace whatever parts of your scene for the new panel. Rinse and repeat until the entire animation is finished and voilà it appears ready to view on the home screen.

As prizes for winning in their respective categories, Alexey and Rafael both received an all-expense paid trip to Munich to present their apps at InsideAR 2013 as well a free license for the Metaio SDK. Be sure to check out them along with all the other winner and events we have planned.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mechanisms is accessible through Metaio’s Junaio app, available for free on Google Play and iTunes. Simply search for the proper channel on Junaio using the image below and explore. Check out a video of Animar here.

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

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