Metaio releases newest version of Junaio AR Browser with new design, real-time POI visualization and browser interoperability

It’s a release, yeah! 

Yesterday we finally released the newest version of Junaio for Android and iOS devices with an updated user interface that features an all-new visualization of nearby points-of-interest (POIs). With Junaio it is now possible to access GPS and location-based information from almost anywhere in the world.

“The more natural we make AR, the more mobile users will see value and return to the experience,” CTO Metaio, Peter Meier said. “It’s clear that the next step for mobile AR is location-based information in devices like Google Glass, and we’re looking to the near future in our R&D.”

Junaio has been optimized and available for wearable devices like Glass since Metaio’s InsideAR conference in October of 2013, but as of today it’s equipped with an even friendlier interface and a more contemporary style familiar to today’s app users. The brand new visualization scheme ensures that the user sees only the most relevant information to his or her surroundings, like geo-tagged Instagram photos or tweets; the best places to catch a Taxi; the nearest entertainment locations like movie theatres or concerts; or even the real-time positioning of public buses and trains.


Junaio combines GPS, image recognition, visual search and a robust cloud-based architecture to recognize and attach digital information to nearly any object or environment in real-time. Now even non-developers can create their own Augmented Reality “channels” and even applications with the latest Metaio Creator tool, a drag-and-drop and easy-to-use content management system for AR.


For developers who want to create mobile AR experiences utilizing location data, Junaio is now compatible with other browsers like Layar and Wikitude. Now over 20,000 Junaio developers will have access to the entire mobile AR audience and will be able to push their content directly to other applications.

Download Junaio today at

Learn more about the Metaio Creator at


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Augmented illustra – The Power of Female Professors

History is male, future is female


At the University of Groningen, Netherlands,  there is a gallery honouring all professors teaching there over the last 400 years. This shows great respect towards all the scholars – but there was actually only one problem: Amongst the 150 men were only 2 women! Time for change!

When the two professors, Mineke Bosch and Mineke van Essen had a meeting with Jantine Wijnja – who is well aware of the possibilities of Augmented Reality – AR seemed the perfect way to address this issue. Besides a lobby for more women on the walls, this request was enhanced by turning the walls into an interactive clickable portrait gallery in which 50 of the men were replaced by portraits of women. The take-over expanded beyond just the portrait gallery. There are appearances of female professors all over the building, along with the stories of their scientific careers.

Dutch new media (AR) Artist Sander Veenhof joined the project initiators and developed a contemporary exhibition highlighting the many female professors currently active at the university. The virtual appearances can now  be viewed by opening the Junaio channel “Augmented illustra” inside the university.  “Thanks to AR, we adjusted the balance. And we created a lot of portrait pop-up spots throughout the building.”, says Sander Veenhof. “Technically, it was quite a challenge. The Junaio channel switches between various modes of tracking and positioning. There’s 2-D tracking of the portraits, 3-D tracking of building elements such as the balcony and there’s the ‘relative’ positioning of professors in a circle around the viewer. Photographers Ewoud Rooks Ronald Zijlstra spend a whole day taking pictures of all the professors at the required spots to make sure the lighting would be correct. The cut-out 2-D photos are blending into the 3-D environment as realistic as possible.”

In case you want to see the “Making of” video of this AR project follow this link to YouTube. You still have the chance to visit the exhibition yourself. It will be open until September 1st, 2014

IMG_0765 stairs
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Technical Insight into Junaio’s Redesign – An Interview with Anton Fedosov

Originally posted on Augmented Reality Blog:

With the introduction of a new Junaio interface, we decided to take a moment and sit down with Anton Fedosov, Senior User Experience Designer, and see if we could get any information about the redesign.

What is Junaio for you?


Anton Fedosov: For me, Junaio is an Augmented Reality Laboratory, in a sense that is a window-to-the-world with the latest technology developed by our company. It has the top-notch detection and tracking technologies, advanced sensors and localization services in the consumer space. it is an important platform to test our ideas with our users ad to verify our concepts.

I believe one of the strongest advantages of Junaio is that you are able to identify any object in front of you and the app gives you, instantaneously, information about it. For searching visually is very helpful.

What problems did you face with the old design of Junaio?

AF: We tried…

View original 648 more words

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AR Interoperability Demo at Mobile World Congress

Last week we announced that Metaio will be presenting an AR Browser Interoperability Demonstration, in cooperation with the Open Geospatial Consortium, Layar and Wikitude, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With the MWC coming up soon here are some details about the demo.


For the last month, we have been working together with Layar and Wikitude to implement architecture changes that will demonstrate how content made for Junaio can be displayed effectively in Layar and Wikitude, and vice versa.

“Developers want to create relevant content for their customers and need reliable software and platforms to present it. The interoperability AR demo is a great opportunity to focus on the content. Ultimately the consumer will decide on his or her preferred browser, and this way we can allow stellar content to always be accessible.” – Peter Meier, CTO Metaio

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is an international consortium of more than 470 companies, government agencies, research organizations, and universities participating in a consensus process to develop publicly available geospatial standards. Visit the OGC website at

If you are going to be in Barcelona next week for the MWC, don’t miss the Interoperability Demo seminar and reception hosted by the OGC on February 25th – registration and information can be found here.

Also, stop by our booth in the App World, Hall 8.1 booth 8.1G47!

Find more information in the official Press Release.

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New Junaio Update! Devs, Some Changes May Be Required

We’re excited to let everyone know that we’re preparing an update for Junaio with several new features and improvements.


As excited as we are about the update, we wanted to give you all a heads up that the update may require minor adjustments from your side (location based channels with buttons only). Some details:

  • We have updated the standard view for all location based channels
  • These changes MAY require some manual adjustments
  • The standard POIs will now be displayed at the bottome of the screen
  • Buttons, filters or other interaction elements at the bottom of the screen will now be covered by the new POIs

For now we’ve included a temporary AREL tag as a fix, but some additional manual adjustments may be needed. For old API channels, manual adjustments will be required. See the transition guidelines here.

Additionally, the beta version of the new Junaio will be available if you need to check your channels. Send an email to feedback[at] with your username and the ID of the channels which might be affected by the change.

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InsectARium – Beyond a Bug in a Box


The InsectARium Junaio Channel in action

Haven’t you always wanted to get closer to a Blue Weevil? What about a Western Hercules Beetle? Well now you can, thanks to an Augmented Reality experience developed by Arium3D Technologies LLC, a company that emerged from the School of Life Science Franz Insect Lab based at Arizona State University.

According to Melody Basham, the lead developer,

“AR Flashcards allows users to engage and manipulate 3D models of actual collection specimens while gaining access to information and other data without them having to directly touch or handle the specimen.”

With the Junaio channel in hand, you can even take the bugs home with you in your pocket (at least on your mobile device.)

“Our goal is to develop a 3-D repository of natural history specimens and to carry out research as to how the tool promotes accessibility to collections while promoting scientific literacy to diverse and marginalized populations.” – Basham

To access the channel, scan this QR code:
InsectARium Channel

insectARium flashcards

Scan these flashcards with the InsectARium Junaio Channel to examin the specimens

AR in education is a diverse and fascinating topic. This video gives you a feel for the experience

Read more about the project on the Arium blog here

If you are interested in obtaining a complete set of insect specimen flashcards you can contact Melody at melody[dot]basham[at] or 1-800-290-6385.

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Nitro Snowboards Promotes Outerwear with Augmented Reality Campaign

This is a fun use of Augmented Reality to spice up a marketing campaign and give a promotional contest a viral boost!

The winter sport season is far from over. Snowboard and outdoor gear manufacturer Nitro Snowboard Co. has started a new Augmented Reality campaign, executed by Treffpunkt Idee, a Junaio Certified Developer, for its latest line of outerwear. The campaign is designed to entice customers into stores to unlock the augmented experience and enter a contest to win a helicopter ride.

The augmented experience is two-fold. For the first experience, a large display in stores can be scanned with Junaio and suddenly the user has the feeling of being inside a helicopter flying over the Alps.

inside a helicopter

nitro-pos-pic The view from inside the Nitro helicopter

The second experience is triggered by the hang tags on the Nitro Outerwear Apparel – by scanning the tag with Junaio, the hang tag literally opens for the customer, revealing a 3-D animation with a narrator who explains the contest, all while a helicopter circles him.

nitro hang tagTake a look at this video to get a feel for the experience.

For more information about the Nitro campaign and Treffpunkt Idee, contact Torsten Biermann

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