For the Weekend: Upcoming Events

What’s a better pun: the Singularity or that creepy 1997 Sam Neill movie

We have all sorts of events coming up that should (and shall) be brought to your attention.

ARE- the Augmented Reality Event in Santa Clara, May 8-9.

Join metaio as we showcase all of our Augmented Cities, the newest developments in junaio, and the latest AR device demos. While you’re there, you can also enjoy panels and presentations from the top industry leaders and technology luminaries around, and network with designers, developers, and business professionals interested in the potential of Augmented Reality. Speaking from metaio will be CEO Dr. Thomas Alt, Sr. Sales Mgr Lisa Murphy, Lead iOS Developer Jacob Ervin, and Director of R&D Ben Blachnitzky. Hosting the “Auggies”, the annual AR startup / new tech contest will be Business Development Mgr. Brendan Scully, and yours truly (Trak Lord) will be presenting metaio’s entry.

If you still haven’t registered, feel free to use our discount code, METAIO375, for 25% off the registration price. Register today, and we’ll see you in Santa Clara!

[ARE 2012 Registration]

arOCCUPY - May 1, International

From the the developer behind the arOCCUPY movement and the King’s Boat Installation earlier this year, we have a very cool, international “non-violent Augmented Reality protest” and anyone in the world can participate. Initially the event will begin in Bryant Park in New York City, 11:30 AM EST, but there is room for participation remotely from anywhere in the world. Visit the links above for more info!

aumentame 2012 - April 28, Tarragona, Spain

If you’re in the Tarragona area you should certainly stop by this event that will cover advances in Augmented Reality and how we can apply them to education. Read more about aumentame (“Augment Me” in Espagnol) at the link above or at the website.

That’s all for now! Make sure to check our Twitter and Facebook pages for all of the regular updates, and subscribe to this nifty, informative and well written blog. It’s called “the junaio blog”. And the button is right over there.

C’mon. You know you want to……




…enjoy your weekend!

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