Join the next junaio webinar tomorrow!


With 350+ attendees from over 60 countries we had an extremely successful start of our weekly live webinar series. Last week Jacob Ervin from the metaio US team did a great job introducing the junaio platform in general and showing how to create the very first junaio scan channels via the junaio API or the metaio Creator software. As always we did a short survey after the webinar and received overwhelming positive feedback:

- “The content is well presented, and I`m not sure I`ve ever even seen this level of product support on any product asides from high end G6 jets.”

- “I am a newbie and everything sounds fine to me, I see lots of potential in the product”

- “I know some CSS and write my own website in html. So I was able to at least follow your instructions. Mr. Ervin gave a great presentation, very clear and competent, easily followed.”

- “It’s such a wonderful introduction to AR, I really appreciate the question answering session. The speaker is knowledgeable and explicit, if he’s available we want to have more contact with him in terms of AR.”

For all who missed last week’s session, here you can find the video:

This week, on Thursday, March 14th, 9am PST we will continue with the next junaio special. The webinar will be hosted by Nicolas King from the metaio R&D department. Thanks to his strong background in Javascript , HMTL5, CSS, PHP, Python, ActionScript3 and C# he is an expert for AREL and junaio channels with an increased level of complexity.


On Thursday he will give an introduction of Location based junaio experiences, AREL, 360°channels and how to combine different channels and tracking technologies into one experience.

Find out more about the sessions and sign up here.

As always, when signing up, be sure to add any questions about the topic you’d like our developers to address in the comments section. This will guarantee that we’ll get to your questions during the session.

Keep a lookout for more webinars in the future! We plan our webinar calendar according to your requests, so please suggest topics.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the webinars, and if you have any questions in the meantime, send them to

Hope to see you in the webinar on Thursday!

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Senior Product & Marketing Manager junaio @metaio Headquarters in Munich, Germany
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